About Us

We sell earth-friendly everyday essentials for our bodies and our homes - personal care, wellness, and household cleaning products.

Our mission is to bring awareness and share the importance of living more organically and sustainably for the health and well-being of our customers, our community, future generations, and our planet. We also are a resource for simple and effective eco-friendly products. At TERRA you can find alternatives to many of the items you use every day such as laundry detergent strips instead of those heavy plastic jugs, toothpaste tablets instead of messy, non-recyclable tubes, bamboo and coconut dish brushes with replaceable heads instead of plastic ones, and all-purpose and glass cleaning tablets in compostable packages further minimizing your carbon footprint.

We offer a welcoming space for people to gather and connect for events, fundraisers, meetings, and workshops. We also collaborate with local businesses to create a community and spread awareness to help each other improve our personal health and planetary health.

We are thrilled to share TERRA with you and look forward to seeing you soon!

XOXO - Nicolette + Lisa